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Not only are Rocks for the Spirit accommodating, they are personable & attentive to detail! Highly praised in quality and service. Each stone has a name & a story and they are not lazy to include its definition. You can tell they are purposeful with their pieces. My favorite so far are the four bracelets I recieved, one being aquamarine my birth stone. Each gem puts me right at home in the heart. Thank you for your selection and the care you put into your packages. I know when I order again I’ll be delightfully surprised again!

- Katie P.


Needless to say, acquiring crystal specimens without seeing them person (and feeling their energy) can be difficult. For many collectors though, it's a necessity when there's no access to quality crystal shops locally. I'm thrilled to say, after several purchases from Rocks for the Spirit, I have found my new "go to" dealer! The quality of their offerings have all been outstanding, and you get what you pay for. I'm thrilled with my new order ~ the Star Rose Quartz Spheres are amazing in person, as are the White Lightning Amphibole Spheres. The gifts in this order were above and beyond! - generous and substantial. Thank you! There is so much thought and intention in everything Bri and Derek do. Soul soothing stones for your spirit!

- Phyllis K.


Beautiful crystals! Nothing was damaged and they came on time! Absolutely in love with them!!

- Mykaela L.


What can I say, I just love Rocks for the Spirit. It took me a couple of months to purchase as I originally though the prices were a little steep for me. Then finally one day I took the plunge and purchased from their live sales and have never looked back. The quality of the crystals is outstanding, the energy of their pieces is beautiful, you can see the quality, dedication and care Derick and Bri have for the crystals and their business. You can tell they LOVE what they do when you get your pieces home. I truly believe they where born to do this and I for one am so happy that they followed their hearts and live their passion. They are my favorite crystal and gem online shop. If you happen to be on the fence, take the plunge you'll be glad you did.

-Mykaela L.


What can I say, I just love Rocks for the Spirit. It took me a couple of months to purchase as I originally though the prices were a little steep for me. Then finally one day I took the plunge and purchased from their live sales and have never looked back. The quality of the crystals is outstanding, the energy of their pieces is beautiful, you can see the quality, dedication and care Derick and Bri have for the crystals and their business. You can tell they LOVE what they do when you get your pieces home. I truly believe they where born to do this and I for one am so happy that they followed their hearts and live their passion. They are my favourite crystal and gem online shop. If you happen to be on the fence, take the plunge you'll be glad you did.

- Paola N.


I'm another customer who found Rocks For The Spirit on Instagram. I placed my first order with them on their website probably around summer of last year, and quickly have become a very loyal customer. I have since placed many orders and it's always such a treat to receive them in the mail. Everything is packed very carefully, using eco friendly materials. They also include some wonderful extras, and I've always enjoyed these surprises they add in. Another thing I've always loved is the floral sachet included, it smells so amazing when opening the package! Also love the small envelope with the information cards identifying the different types of crystals (or other things like sage/palo santo) included in your order, and gives additional helpful information on each item. Bri and Derek put a lot of care and intention in curating a wonderful collection of crystals they offer for sale on this website, with great attention to quality and unique detail. I would also highly recommend following them on Instagram if you have an account. They share many stunning photos and details about various types of crystals and minerals. They also offer some for sale in different ways through instagram beyond their website, and it's definitely worth checking out! They are also great with communication and so helpful with questions and concerns! They run a top notch business and I'm so happy I found them! Also, they just started a youtube account with some lovely crystal and other amazing content, go look for them there too!

- Jill M.


Wow WoW WOW! Always impressed with the exceptional quality from you two! This sunstone is so shimmery and gemmy 💜 And the rutile sphere is like a cosmic rainbow dance. Thank you for being amazing! 💜😊

- Tara S.


All of the crystals offered by Rocks for the Spirit are so beautiful and super high quality! They are very professional yet there are personal touches, such as with their beautiful packaging, that makes them one of my favorite sellers. They will take the time to work with you to ensure you pick the perfect piece! Highly recommended!!

- Jessie B.


I have ordered from Bri and Derek several times and have never been disappointed. The crystals from Rocks for the Spirit are high quality and always stunning! I couldn’t be happier with their products and the incredible customer service.

- Jeanine C.


So many beautiful crystals to pick from! Shipping was super fast and the crystals are even prettier in person! Even got a little bag with some herbs in it and an envelope with descriptions of every crystal I ordered. Honestly couldn’t be happier!

- Mykaela L.


Rocks for the Spirit never fails to blow me away. They have the best quality you can find online, they're super knowledgeable, and always go the extra mile in customer service, whether its showing you an extra piece or slipping a gorgeous gift into your package. Most recently I snagged an apophyllite cluster from them and I'm so in love. Quality is unbeatable and its super unique. Thank you Bri and Derick!

- Sarah T.


Great company with amazing customer service and spectacular products! I get complemented often on my bracelets that I ordered. I find the bracelets to be very comforting and grounding and I wear them daily!

- Mariah A.


Absolutely awesome!!! Bri helped me pick a stone off the website and the piece I bought at the love sale is even more amazing in person! PLUS- I bought it as a gift and she gifted me a mini as a keep for myself!!! I win!!

- Kate B.


I found Derick and Bri via IG. They have the most professional, organized, informative, and fun live sales. 
Foremost, is their quality selection and reasonable prices.
If you have questions or want to see other items, don’t hesitate to ask them, they are happy to help find the right items for you.
Packaged well, my order came in perfect condition and very quickly. Each item was wrapped with care and is just as special as described and shown on IG live. Nothing beats having them in hand and their crystals and gemstones are fabulous!
Thanks for the special gifts. I am a customer for life. Spend a little time with them and it feels like you have made new friends.
Glad to have found Rocks for the Spirit!

- Michelle from Hawaii


I love Bri and D so much they always have amazing energy and amazing pieces. They are my favorite place to purchase crystals from.

- Amy M.


I first saw Rocks for the Spirit on Instagram. I liked what I saw of what they had for sale and thought I would give them a try. My purchase came very promptly. Pleasantly surprised. The packaging, like others have commented, was like someone personally did it just for me. Like something I would receive from a friend. I will for sure be making future purchases from RFTS. Very Happy!

- Pamella C.


Sometimes when I get a new crystal, I literally cannot put it down....and I hold it all day....and even sleep with it! Just received my new Lepidochrosite Shiva and I cannot put it down. LOVE it! Thank you so much for a truly magical piece with an entire sparkly Universe inside of it! And I love my green opal crystal gift too! Stunning pieces, alway! Thank you so much for the magic! XO

- Leslie M.


Have ordered many times and have always been ecstatic about the rocks and gems I've received. They arrive quickly, are very well packaged and I LOVE the little gifts that they throw in. I love this shop and will continue to be a fan and customer.

- Collen S. B.


I have purchased several items from Bri and Derek (from the online store and in their live sales), and have never been disappointed with anything I’ve purchased. They are kind, knowledgeable, and source beautiful, high quality pieces. I am a very happy customer :)

- Ashley L.


Shipping unfortunately had some unexpected delays due to winter weather in the midwest, but the crystals are beautiful and so high quality. I absolutely love everything I’ve bought from here!!

- Sam F.


What could I possibly say about Bri and Derrick that already hasn't been said! It is so evident that they have put their heart and souls into their business. And it's not just a business...it's a passion that they turned into a business. The quality of every item I have purchased has surpassed anything anywhere else! Every quartz tower, sphere, mineral has been of the highest quality and highest energy. You can feel it even before you open the box! Getting a Rocks for the spirit box is the best day of my week!!! And the live sales are beyond fun and informative. If you are looking for the best, look no further! :)

- Debbie D.


This is my favorite online shop for crystals. I can't believe how many gorgeous specimens I now have from them. Every order is packed with so much love and care, never a problem, inserts on each crystal and its properties and a little goody bag with gifts that warm the spirit! The minute you open the box you are greeted with sage, rose, lavender and palo santo! They are the sweetest and kindest of souls and a blessing to the crystal-lover of us all. A great place to find unique specimens that speak to you alone!

- Debra T.


Holy Moly! I am IN LOVE with my new stones! Not only are they insanely gorgeous, but they were packaged beautifully and arrived impressively fast! I will absolutely be ordering from RFTS again in the very near future! Thank you so much guys!

- Claire L.


Since the first time I bought crystals with them, the experience has been just magical on all point of views. These guys put so much love and effort, everything is so well presented and beautiful. ALWAYS HIGH QUALITY CRYSTALS FOR A VERY FAIR PRICE. You can tell that everything has been picked out individually with love and care.

They are the sweetest, always answer your messages and take the time to show you properly the crystals. Which always come with the nicest and thoughtful gifts and a little information card about each little treasure in there. Delivery is super fast, which is great!

The live shows on Instagram are amazingly awesome and beautiful! MUST WATCH! Everything is clear and well organised. And even if you’re not buying, it still is a great show, so many beauties and info you get to learn about them, literally hours of of fun!

Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your beautiful treasures with the world.

- Jean A.


Rocks for the Spirit never fails to thrill and delight with their finely curated crystal specimens! Customer service is also top notch with highly responsive owners and quick shipping. I’ve lost track of how many gorgeous crystals from Bri and Derick that I’ve added to my collection. I don’t know where I’ll put them, but I know I’ll be back for more! Oh—and I’m so grateful for the personal touch of a crystal gift included with each purchase. 💜

- Denise Y.


As a first time buyer of crystals...online that is, I’d have to say Rocks for the spirit definitely set the bar high. I didn’t know what to expect, they definitely exceeded my expectations! The quality of their crystals are incredible and customer service is on point. Good vibes :) thank you guys!

- Anonymous


I received the three rocks that I ordered and was totally impressed and happy. I read the little cards that came with each stone and really enjoyed learning about the properties and values of each one. They actually made me smile and feel good right before I went to bed. As I have trouble sleeping it actually helped with that as well.

-Nora B.


I spoke with Bri on instagram and she answered my questions instantly. I then purchased my items and received them fast and packaged neatly and securely. The stones were as pictured and very beautiful. I even received a special surprise gift which I wasn’t expecting that made my purchase all the more worth it. I am very pleased with my purchase with rocks for the spirit and recommend them to anyone looking to purchase fine quality stones from a reliable and trusted company.

-Valerie H.


Well everything came so quickly!! And in pristine condition which is super important. I LOVE my crystals, the quality is amazing and they’re beautiful!! You guys are A-mazing!!

-Stefanie Lessner


Wow can I just say the owners are the sweetest people I've seen in a long time! I scored a few goodies from them and it is definitely amazing quality for what you pay. Every order is packaged with such love and care and always come with a cute little gift. Can we also talk about the beautiful quartz geode?!?! IT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I'VE EVER HAD. So out of this world. If you buy from them, you will never be dissatisfied. All the love I give because they're an amazing duo.

-Daisy Beltran


I’ve been watching the live sales for awhile. But this past one I won a pyrite!! My first purchase and definitely not my last. I absolutely love my pyrite. It looks amazing in the sun, under any light really. I am externally happy with my purchase. It feels like they picked it out especially for me. Much love guys, thank you!

-Nidia Rodriguez


A true favorite, selling such gorgeous high quality stones and gems! Live sales on IG are also quite exciting, so happy to shop here!

-J. T.


I have made many purchases from Bri and Derick and the quality of everything I received is outstanding. Each crystal is selected and packaged with love and they always arrive in perfect condition. I also highly recommend participating in their live sales to see all of the beautiful pieces in their collection in more detail.

-Kate T.


Rocks for the Spirit is my absolute favorite crystal shop and is really the only one I go to when I’m looking for high quality and rare pieces. I stumbled onto one of their weekend live Instagram sales about two months ago and have been going back again and again ever since. For my first purchase, I was looking for a large rutilated quartz and I fell instantly for the first piece Bri showed me. It’s like she can read minds! Opening a package is like opening a birthday present - I’ve been floored by the beautiful pieces I’ve received for free. On top of that, Bri and Derick are sweet human beings who care about their customers. I can’t even be disappointed when something I wanted sells out because they are always able to find me something else just as good or better.

-Betty DeLos Reyes


I am soo Happy that I found Rocks For The Spirit!!! I joined their Instagram Live sales session once and have been hooked to them ever since then! These instagram live sales are so cool as they display Amazing pieces for sale! Also they have cool giveaways too! I won one of the giveaway once and the Packaging and Quality of the stone was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I feel so connected now feels like as if I am connected to the Mother Nature! I am buying some really cool stuff now and I CAN’T STOP! I will always come back to shop here.. I know I will never regret! So do you !! The couple Bri and Derick, who owns this Incredible shop are the sweetest souls I have come across, they know in and out of crystals, they breathe crystals! So happy to be part of this happy crystal community! Coz it is Rocks For The Spirit Indeed ! <3

-Namrata J


I ordered a gorgeous moonstone egg from you via DM and a beautiful black tourmaline piece through your live sale that was calling to me. I am so grateful that you both have decided to do this, the community that you have created through your business is supportive and I love that I'm able to be a part of it. I gave the tourmaline to my host mom in Costa Rica, and she loved it. Thank you for all that you do. Definitely a long term customer. :)

-Maddie G.


Rocks for the Spirit continues to amaze me with their superb quality. You just can't find rocks of this quality anywhere else. Plus, they're such sweethearts!

-Sarah Tundermann


Seriously love everything I’ve gotten from them. They are so sweet and knowledgeable.

-Amy Mcdonald


Just recieved my order today! I ordered the large garden quartz sphere and couldn't be happier! It's beautiful, and I love the little goodie I got with it as well.

-Julia K.


Bri and Derick are good souls. Their customer service is hands down some of the best I have experienced. You can tell they put their heart into everything they do.

-David Cox


The best of the best! Every single piece I have purchased from rocks for the spirit is absolutely phenomenal! Extremely high-quality pieces with amazing energy! My latest purchase was Big Momma! Absolutely epic huge chlorite included point from Brazil! A perfect blend of raw and polished! Such high energy it’s off the charts! Everything I have ever purchased is beautifully wrapped with so much care! A lot of love in all of these pieces!

-Seashell Queen


I've ordered a few things from Rocks for the Spirit both through their website and via their Instagram live sales. Every time I am truly blown away by them. They have the best quality and most special pieces I've been able to find. They price fairly (especially given an amazing quality), they legitimately care about their customers and making sure the right crystals and specimens find their way to the right people, and every order comes with a little surprise they intuitively pick for each person. They are thoughtful, sweet, and provide the world with beauty and generosity. I will without a doubt order from them again.

-Sarah Tundermann


They have the best customer experience I have ever dealt with in my life. They put so much good vibes into your crystals, that I felt ecstatic when I recieved mine! They also have these cool stamps of their logo, that I reviewed on my packaging (didn't want to throw it away) also check your box! You might receive a special gift! Almost threw mine away by accident haha. You'll love their selection of crystals and rocks. Be sure to check out their live sales on Instagram too!

-Cheyenne Hallam


I got an amethyst point from a live sale, it may actually be the most gorgeous piece I’ve ever received. It came packed safely and with a small tumbled black tourmaline. I can’t wait to buy more pieces from them!

-Amy Mcdonald


Purchased an opal from their live sale. It's so beautiful in person! The shipping was quick, and it was packaged very securely with plenty of bubble wrap. I even got an extra goodie with my order! Will of course be ordering again sometime~

-Julia K.


I just realized I’ve been a RFTS customer since 2015 OMG and have yet to leave a review! It all began with a giveaway I won that was my first piece. Each piece I have collected over the years has such incredible energy, meaning and amazing quality. I love that Bri and Derick hand choose each crystal with such intention and assist us with connecting them with us. Every time I find a new beauty, I feel like it has been waiting for me. Their vibe is one to strive for. I love the energy and care they put into their packaging and they always know exactly what my needs are when it comes to the little extras they send. I am always so grateful for each encounter I have with RFTS and with the amount of followers and DM’s they receive, they always get back to me with such kindness. This last order was from a live IG sale and I added on a V special piece of lepidocrocite which I am so over the moon with. Something I don’t think I’d find anywhere else. Thank you both as always for providing such loving energy, kindness and amazing crystals that you share with the world.

-Jaime Dann


Hi Bri and Derick your beautiful Ammonite pendant arrived yesterday! 

Thank you a lot because it is a very powerful object, well manufactured, and I wear it with great pleasure: the fossil is full of energy, and thank you also for the nice citrine sphere I received as gift, good for starting 2019 with a fresh wit. 

All the best
Peace and Love



ABSOLUTELY AMAZING QUALITY! I just received my order and I could not be happier. My emerald cluster and a black tourmalinated quartz tower are gorgeous specimens. They are as described/photographed (even more beautiful in person) and their energies do not disappoint. The shipping was fast with high quality packing. Also, I have not been able to put down the included 'free crystal gift'...what a surprise and just what I wanted as well! Thank you so, so much and I will be recommending your shop to everyone. I will check-in frequently and certainly order again, then again.

-Michael Hart


Ohhhhh...my new Rose Quartz with Moonstone Suncatcher is so beautiful it made me cry when I opened it!!! There are literally rainbows in every stone, even the large Rose Quartz!!!! The new packaging for those is Divine! Rose petals everywhere! It's just like opening a box of LOVE! Thank you for the awesome gifts too! You guys are beyond generous....truly!!!! Love love love everything I get from you! XOXOXO

-Leslie Miller


This is my first purchase from Rocks For the Spirit and I couldn’t be happier. I received the Labradorite stone I purchased in a beautifully wrapped box. I also received a lovely Quartz stone as well. I love my new crystals. I’m so grateful to be able to add them to my collection. I will definitely be ordering from Rocks for the Spirit again soon.

-Jeanine C.


Stumbled upon their Instagram page and liked the content so I followed. Loved their IG live auctions and have made 2 purchases so far. Love the energy, love the crystals. Highly recommend!

-Meghan B.


I must admit ordering the first time so close to the holidays I wasn't sure if i would receive them in time. They came in plenty of time, and the package was delightful. The dried flowers adds such a personal touch. Absolutely LOVED shopping here.

-Hannah M.


First time buyer. Loved the packaging and little extras you guys put into your shipments. The stone itself was really nice, even better patterns on it then the one on picture provided. Initial thought was that the wand would be a tad bit bigger but that isn't anyone's fault but mine. Usually buy my stones from one other place but I definitely plan to buy from Rocks for the Spirit again. Probably right now actually...thanks guys. You RoCk

-Andrea Lambert


First of all, the packaging was wonderful. I loved the little gift bag it came in with dried lavender. I appreciated the little cards that described my purchase and the free stone that was included--I loved learning more about both of them! Wonderful purchase.

-Faith Marie


Just got a shipment from you and the stones are stunning! Perfect pieces including the gift of an amethyst. Will definitely be shopping with you guys again soon! Blessed Be! ❤️💙💜🖤

-Lara Inglis


I am continually astonished by the quality and high vibration of these crystals! I create amulets out of them, and my customers (and I!) are so in love with all of the crystals specifically purchased from here. Totally amazing. Plus packaged so well that even when my mail carrier threw (yes) the package up onto my steps from about 6 feet, everything arrived protected and intact. Thank you Rocks for the Spirit! Can't wait to place another order with you.

-Sharon Rudy


RocksfortheSpirit totally ROCK!! I just placed my 4th order in barely over a month with them! I have ordered from several gem & mineral sellers online and these guys are in my TOP 2! Their quality blows all the others away! And I love the fact that they sell only natural crystals! They also ALWAYS include super wonderful freebies in their packages and I’m not talking about a few small pebbles like most other sellers throw in! They actually include super nice pieces that they could easily sell by themselves!! These guys score a 10+ out of 10 in my book!

-Gail T


OMG! Seriously....I just received my faceted Calcite crystal filled with RAINBOWS and it took my breath away!!!! After many years of crystal shopping, I have never seen anything like this...and such incredible high quality! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much! One of my very favorite pieces that I own!!! WOW! And I love the little crystal gift as well! Love your crystal web site soooooo much!!!!

-Leslie Miller


I cannot say enough how well packaged beautiful my statue crystal!! I had so much fun opening it, it was in beautiful paper she put extra little crystals and surprises it. It was just the most beautiful amazing piece I ever seen and her to add all the extras that she did was amazing., I loved them all. She even includes little notes for what everything is, what they do, how they would work. I will definitely be getting more items from her in the future! thank you very much.

-Michelle Holcomb


<3 Wow...I just received my GORGEOUS little Sunstone lingams and I LOVE them so much! Beautiful shimmery rainbows and vibrant orange colors! And thank you for the beautiful gifts too!!!! Love everything I ever get from you! You ROCK...pun intended! THANK YOU! XOXOXO

-Leslie Miller


I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase from you! The stones were shipped quickly and with care, packaged beautifully. I literally gasped opening each one, stunning! Now I am making jewelry with them but am having a hard time not keeping them all for myself. I think the dream quartz will stay with me. Can't wait to order again, thank you so much for the high vibration crystals and extraordinary customer service!

-Sharon Rudy


Amazing! 5 stars. I have ordered more than a few times from Rocks for the Spirit & have never been disappointed. I own a beautiful rainbow fluorite tower, a shimmering aquamarine point & multiple, magical sunstone pieces, all from this shop. The quality of the stones & the customer service sets this shop apart, & far above the rest! I am definitely a loyal & repeat customer! Can’t wait for the next shop update.

-Leah Odom


So pleased with my order, thank you so much! Most of the items I purchased were intuitively chosen for me and I adore them all. I am usually so picky about stones and their energies but I had full trust in Bri and Derick and I am so happy with the pieces they chose for me. I also found the first herkimer diamond that I truly fell in love with and it is stunning and so powerful. The items were packaged beautifully with the sweetest little sachet of goodies. 
Thanks again, I will be back soon!

-xo Brit


WOW!!!!! Holy OMazing!!!! I just received the most incredible Amethyst heart from Uruguay than I have ever seen in my life! AND two STUNNING Sunstones that shimmer magic! Then....this was totally crazy....I almost bought a Chrysocolla palm stone, but didn't....and a beautiful Chrysocolla shows up in my package anyway!!! And the sage smells so wonderful! LOVE my jade bracelet!!! Honestly, these crystals are just AWESOME energy and GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much Bri love....you are a crystal angel!!!

-Leslie M.


Rocks for the Spirit will become an instant favorite after your first purchase! I adore shopping here, and the shop updates are such a treat to look forward to (especially after the gorgeous Instagram previews!)

-Jill T.


I have ordered twice now... and will most definitely be ordering again. Both packages come spelling amazing since they are packed with dried flowers and a extra small little rock (which was an excellent surprise) The rocks were stunning, pics did not do them justice. Each rock came wrapped up carefully. I cant believe how quick the shipping was. I would definitely recommend this online crystal shop but far my fav

-Erica C.


Wow! Can we all say "amethyst"???! Wow! Was so fortunate to be able to score a huge (almost 10 pound!) amethyst with calcite in a flash sale! Incredible color! Deep jelly purple. I could stare at it all day. It's incredible. Such energy! Wow!!! So well packaged and lightening fast shipping. The best of the best...truly! xo

-Debbie D.


Great customer service, timely shipping, and my item was nicely packaged, even got a freebie! Will order again~



Just got my first order in the mail today and there is a special touch to the items inside that i wasnt expecting. The crystals went past my expectations and i loved the little cards with information about the crystals. OVERALL really happy with my purchase :)

-Serena C.


I am so glad to have found Rocks for the Spirit! It makes me sad there aren’t many rock shops around any more. I love raw un-dyed stones. I love you use eco friendly packaging. This was my first experience with this Co, but it won’t be the last! Thank you for the extra little gift too!

-Saranna C.


This is my first time shopping from here and I'm so happy with how it went! Rocks for The Spirit has an amazing selection that I fell in love with. The shipping was quick and the packaging was durable and protective. I loved the explanation about the attributes of the stone and the uses for it. The extra pocket stone is beautiful and the herbs smell wonderful. I'll definitely be shopping from here again 💙

-Michelle G.


Crystals arrived quickly, with a little extra stone, packed in herbs! I really appreciated that. They're all astoundingly good quality. Will buy from this place again.



I couldn't be more pleased with the crystal gem I purchased. It is even more beautiful in person that pictures can show and well worth every penny. The packaging was beautiful and thoughtful with extra gift crystals. I can't say enough good things about my experience. Will definitely buy from them again! Shae

-Shae T.


Omg I LOVE this shop! Everything I have ordered is perfection. Gorgeous crystals with so much beautiful energy. Every crystal comes in a black organza bag w dried lilac and rose petals, which i keep and hang the bags on my bathroom shelf, looks pretty and smells good. Everything is packaged with loving care for its journey. Every crystal also comes with a description card and Always a freebie crystal. Thank you for a great shop and Great customer service. This is my fav Crystal shop and I purchase a lot. I highly recommend shopping here, you won't be disappointed.

-Victoria L.


Excellent customer service, excellent packaging, beautifully unique natural stones. I love that you carry so many genuinely natural (un-dyed, untreated) stones. Your selection is always beautiful to scroll through with a super easy to use website! And the special pocket stones you select to go with each order are so much fun! Always look forward to our packages! 💜

-Rebecca J.


Perfection start to finish! The energy of the stones, minerals and crystals here is unmatched; I have looked in many, many online crystal shops and Rocks for the Spirit is pure love for these gifts from the earth. Every order arrives quickly and packaged securely. I won’t shop anywhere else! 😊💜

-Elizabeth M.


I am obsessed with this company! A+ customer service, products, and packaging! They are the only place I order my stones from now!

-Dani Daniels


Ordered for the first time and just got it yesterday! It got here super fast and the little gifts are so lovely! will definitely continue to shop with Rocks for the Spirit! ❤️

-Kayla F.


Bri was so sweet!! so helpful & kind, my stones are BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I asked her to pick out for me! shipping took 2 days from the day I purchased & I couldn’t be happier 😇 The packaging was adorable!

-Mantra Minerals


This shop is absolutely one of the best! The quality and variety of crystals and jewelry is incredible, and opening the packages when they arrive is such a treat! Will always be happy to shop with Bri! :)

-Jill T.


I purchased a beautiful Enhydro crystal from Rock for the spirit, It is absolutely stunning! Your pieces are incredible! The parcel I received was wrapped up beautifully, It felt like Christmas Day. I highly recommend this beautiful website to all the crystal lovers out there! Thanks again Rocks for the spirit. You have made my day! :-)

-Sara R.


I’m absolutely obsessed with my penis crystals. Only purchased three but I’m compelled to have at least a dozen. I would love to be able to give them to all my friends and clients. Everybody that has seen them thus far wants one.

-Marco G.


First, the protective wrapping on the crystals I ordered was perfect. Very very durable, protective, but still easy to open. Everything was very thoughtfully put together. I love that your order comes with a little explanation of what each crystal you ordered is used for. You guys are my new favorite!

-Ashley M.


I was so excited for the arrival of the green opal I ordered. When I saw it on the site, I could practically feel its energy already. I received it today, just three days after I ordered it, and I couldn't be happier. When I opened the box, I said, "What smells so good?!" There was a little bag with a beautiful piece of blue kyanite and lovely smelling herbs as well as information cards for the two stones. Then I got to the opal, carefully cushioned and wrapped in bubble wrap, and it's even more gorgeous than what I imagined. I absolutely love the mossy, earthy feel of it. Rocks For The Spirit really knows how to pick 'em! Thank you so much!

-Amanda T.


Rocks for the spirit is probably the best crystal shop on the internet. I have ordered 2 stones and since I live in different country I expected for my package to arrive in 40 days, and it took only 10. I was amazed with gift bag, flowers and additional stone that I have received. I am sure I will make new purchase very soon.

-Stefan S.


Rocks for the Spirit is the best gem stone shop I have ever bought a specimen from. My fluorite slab arrived in pristine condition wrapped with love, care and a few extra treats. The quality and splendor of their stoneware is best bar non and it will be a pleasure to purchase from them in the future. Highly recommend you go no further when looking to add to your collection or get a stunning gift for a loved one or friend.

-Sileigh S.


I ordered a few things from here and I loved everything about it! From the ease of the website, lots of good and natural pictures, the help I receive when trying to place an order or have questions, the packaging (AHHHMAZING! And so beautiful, you can tell it's heartfelt. And that gorgeous stamped logo- I even cut that out of the cardboard and kept it up on my space above my gem collection lol), and the crystals where all even more beautiful in person!! Will definitely keep ordering and watching for updates🙃

-Jeana P


LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Citrine and Violet Agate stones!!! The Citrine is filled with gorgeous RAINBOWS! The beautiful Purple Intuition Agate is just magical and I don't have anything like it! Thank you so much!!! I am always so excited to get these magical crystals from you! XOXOXOXO

-Leslie M.


I just received my first order from Rocks for the Spirit and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only is the packaging eco-friendly and cute, but they sent a lil sash of dried herbs and flowers that brightened my day. Shipping was fast and I have zero complaints. I will definitely be ordering from them again!

-Chelsea G.


I've been shopping with Rocks for The Spirit for about a year now and there has not been another rock & crystal store that has the same great customer service or better quality products! Bri and Derick know their stuff and I am so grateful to have found them! They are my go to whenever I need a new crystal baby to add to my collection. I always look forward to new updates! I can't wait for my next order 😉!!

-Merissa N.


I ❤️ purchasing from Rocks for the Spirit! The price is worth its quality. It was all packed safely to go through the rough journey to reach me. And it came just in time when i need it most. This shop is definitely my go to shop :)

-Yvonne L.


I live in Denmark, and i stumbled across Rocks for the Spirit when I was looking at my instagram. Wauh, I was totally hooked. There are so many beautiful items. I am especially fan of the Spheres, and have just received 4 mini Angel Aura Quarts Spheres, and I love them. It took a while to get them due to custom rules when you buy from outside EU , but I won´t stop me from buying more from Rocks for the Spirit in the future.

-Mette T.


Every beautiful piece i’ve gotten from “Rocks for the Spirit” has been just exactly like shown in the pictures. They come with a cute card with information of the stone and each of them are packaged with care. Excellent customer service, very attentive. The two orders i’ve gotten had unexpected beautiful gifts!!

-Neisha Z.


Arrived fast. Came beautifully packed. So in love that I am already making another order!

-Lisbeth S.


You’re not just getting the best crystals for the BEST value, they come charged full of love and good vibes, and The Best presentation I’ve ever personally had! Rocksforthespirit is the only place I truly trust for getting all of my crystals/cleansing needs met💞✨

-Alyvia C.


Every time I shop here, I have a pleasant experience. Shipping is super quick and my stones are always more beautiful than pictured. The gifts are always a lovely and personal touch. I am a forever customer!

-Nicole A.


Rocks for the Spirit has some of the best gems, minerals, crystals and electroformed jewelry available anywhere! I've made several purchases with them, from hand made jewelry, to larger home display pieces. I've always loved everything I've purchased, it has always arrived professionally packed and safely wrapped (everything has arrived intact!), and the gifts are always so generous. Highly recommended! I love seeing what they find next!

-Kristina U.


My package arrived today and yet again, it had such beautiful stones as well as beautiful gifts. I love love love this site and the people who run it. Thank you!

-Phyllis B.


Rocks for the Spirit is amazing! All of my goodies came wrapped so carefully. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience- the packaging was sturdy, fast shipping and best of all .... my crystals are stunning! Will be purchasing again and again. Thank you, Rocks for the Spirit!!!

-Krystal O.


Just received my second order from Rocks for the Spirit and I am again entirely pleased with my order. Everything was packed superbly, high quality products with cards describing each crystal's properties and uses. I love how a free crystal is gifted with every order, I look forward to the pleasant surprise! Highly recommend this site, good prices and great products, always a pleasure!

-Elizabeth O.


You’re products are simply amazing. It came two days after ordering, and even included a bag of freshly dried flowers that smelled amazing. Forever my crystal supplier!

-Ahnalee F.


My first purchase and I am delighted since I saw the box I knew that this was quality, everything wrapped in detail, the small bag with the rich aroma, the little cards with the information of each stone, simply in love and also grateful for the detail of giving me a beautiful onyx. Sincerely I am new in this and I am doing them for my big problems of anxiety and depression, but even without knowing almost anything, it feels how genuine each stone and crystal is.

-Yarimil V.


I am so grateful I stumbled across the Rocks for the Spirit Instagram 🙏 I have ordered on 3 separate occasions and have had the best experience!! I absolutely LOVE 💕 all my new “Rock Babies”. When you receive a package in the mail, it’s like opening a package of pure love, you can tell they have a passion for what they do, such care goes into each and every order. Every piece I have is such high quality and prices are very good!! This is officially my go to shop and I am telling everyone about it!!!

-Lalonie P.


My order came today and everything was absolutely gorgeous!! The amethyst heart was unbelievably beautiful and every piece was better than expected! I absolutely love Rocks for the Spirit! ❤️

-Phyllis B.


I purchased a beautiful, large phantom quartz specimen (named "Distinct Memories") from Rocks for the Spirit not long ago. The website showed the crystal so well, but when I received my piece in person I was speechless! These folks really know how to pick their specimens!!! It was so beautiful in person!!! So many awesome pieces. I also love their jewelry. I have an awesome electroformed copper pendant that is a skull carved out of labradorite! So unique and beautiful! Bri is a complete sweetheart and her willingness to help with anything is amazing. Great crystals/jewelry selection and impeccable customer service!!!

-Kelly B.


I am so happy with my order, the beautiful pieces were well worth every penny! Each type of stone comes with a small information card which is really awesome. The shipping was fast and everything was very well packaged! All of the pieces were very true to color and shape shown in the pictures, and I would definitely purchase again.

-Cassandra S.


I love my beautiful Ocean Jasper Pyramid! It’s lovely!!!!

-Faith J.


I received my order pretty quickly and I am so satisfied with my experience! The amethyst point I ordered was lovely and an extra blue sodalite was included as well! The packaging was so nice and the crystal descriptions on the cards were very informative. I will definitely be ordering more from this site in the future.

-Tiffany J.


The crazy lace agate box was shipped very promptly, so carefully packaged, and came with extra surprises! The agate is even more stunning in person, LOVE it.

-Katie S.


Amazing!! I seriously don’t know where to start! I placed an order about two weeks ago… Everything was shipped so quickly and was package so well…! However all of that aside the energy from these crystals is amazing! You can actually feel the energy in the photographs and that transmits to the actual piece once you have it close up!!! The Tiffany stones are absolutely incredible! I love how the pieces were not completely polished leaving some of the natural stone… Very unusual and cool! There aren’t enough words to describe the phantom courts towers… I am in love! Such substantial pieces in terms of the size and the energy… Incredible in every way! And don’t even get me started on the lemurian quartz!!!!! Thank you so much for offering these beautiful works of art! Xox

-Debbie D.


Bri is very nice and I’m in love with everything I’ve gotten from the shop.

-Hope W.


I recently ordered a large piece of amethyst, two rose quartz pebbles, and another labradorite heart. These were all beautiful beyond expectation. There was a gift piece of clear quartz that I absolutely love. And when I had a question about one of the pieces in my order, the response was quick, polite, and very willing to help. I absolutely love this site. I will definitely be making more purchases from here!

-Phyllis B.


These stones are beautiful!! Just like the picture and captions described!!

-Shaye F.


I have ordered small crystals from Rocks for the Spirit in the past and was pleased with their quality and awesome condition. I recently purchased a beautiful phantom quartz specimen. The photos on the site did not do this crystal justice!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, in perfect condition, and more beautiful than I could've imagined. Rocks for the Spirit really has an eye for wonderful specimens. I am so happy with my orders and will definitely be a return customer in the future! Thank you!!!

-Kelly B.


My latest order from Rocks for the Spirit arrived today, perfect as always. This is by far my favourite online crystal shop and I so appreciate the multiple photos of each piece when shopping, the fabulous packing, quick shipping and thoughtful gifts added in each order for a personal touch. Now I have some new Labradorite, Green Opal, Jade, Amethyst and Malachite to add to my ever growing collection! They all got blessed with the Palo Santo you sent, as did my Ostara Altar which I just set up! Looking forward to the next crystal release!

-Debra T.


Every specimen that I have received from Rocks for the Spirit is gorgeous! I am SO happy with my most recent order. Among other items, I bought one of the quartz spheres with rainbows reflected inside and I am in awe of the energy of this piece. The carved wooden stand that it rests on enhances it all the more. My smokey quartz pebble, rose quartz, labradorite heart, and jade palm stone are also so perfect and beautiful. I know I will order from this shop again.

-Shelby G.


OMG! I just received my GORGEOUS, magical Citrine that I just ordered the day before yesterday and it is unbelievable....one of my favorite citrine crystals ever! Thank you so much for the beautiful little crystal gifts too! And the palo santo stick! The entire package just felt like I was opening a box of LOVE! Thank you so much! You inspire! XO

-Leslie M.


This was such an excellent experience! The labradorite heart was shipped to the house within three days of placing the order. There was an additional gift stone of beautiful fluorite in the package and all of it was put in a nice bag filled with dried lavender. Excellent! The stone was even prettier than I expected. This is now my new favorite store for gemstones!

-Phyllis B.


I’m a very frequent customer of Rocks for the Spirit. Every piece I have been lucky to adopt exceed my expectations everytime. The energy and beauty is overwhelmingly amazing. I’m definitely purchasing more 😘

-Nadia O.


Wow! Incredible ametrine! Such a powerful energy I was amazed! Polished and raw components! I love it! Shipped so quickly, packaged amazingly! But it's the energy of the piece that takes center stage....You can tell these crystals come from such a positive environment. Can't wait to do business with again!

-Debbie D.


I just received my first order from Rocks for the Spirit and I’m absolutely in love with my new Labradorite heart crystal. It’s beautiful! Bri does an amazing job with her packaging. I will definitely be ordering from her again, thank you so much!

-Chantelle U.


My go to shop to buy the most beautiful stones... thank you for sharing your incredible finds with the rest of the world. I’ll continue to refer this shop to everyone I know.



I ordered a bunch of tumbled stones, a shell, and other small crystals. The seller was kind enough to combine orders and refund shipping. The shipping was fast and efficient. Never disappointed.

-Emily G.


First time ordering and I loved it! I loved how the packaging is all recycled and biodegradable materials! I ordered five items (three little stones, one tower, and Palo Santo wood) and only spent $21 including packaging. Very well priced and came quickly too! Extremely satisfied with my order and will DEFINITELY order again!

-Faith B.


Purchased a beautiful Primordial Quartz Stalactite Cluster and I could not be more pleased with its beauty and clarity! The package arrived quickly along with a beautiful piece of smokey quarts and a handful of dried chamomile blossoms - sigh. So lovely!

-Lindsey G.


I bought a gorgeous ruby hexagon and it also came with a gorgeous piece of labradorite and some palo Santo wood. Thank you so much.



I stumbled upon Rocks for the Spirit quite serendipitously on Instagram. I have slowly been buying their handpicked collections to start my own and as gifts. With each order, I have also received a surprise crystal or sage in the drawstring bag along with little explanation cards of whats in the package. It brings me so much joy to learn about each crystal and it's metaphysical properties while basking in all its energy. My crystal altars at work and at home have created a more comfortable environment to be in. I appreciate the well curated shop with beautiful photography that presents each crystal in its best light. Thank you for bringing more happiness into my life.

-Wendie I.


I just received my beautifully packaged Red Mica Necklace and I am so so blown away. I only ordered the necklace but it came in this gorgeous package with amazing smelling herbs and a bonus Fluorite stone in addition to all the facts and details about the contents! I get such amazing vibes from just the package it came in let alone the actual stones. I am so in love with everything I received and really appreciate how much time and effort was put into it all. THANK YOU so so much!

-The River Chaser


Oh my goodness! These crystals were definitely worth it. The smoky quartz palm stone was bigger than I thought, and lovely and clear, and the rose quartz is just beautiful! I love them so much! And I love the extra crystal (agate) and the card that came with it, and the bag that had lavender and chamomile. I definitely want to buy from here again. Thank you!

- Jessica L.


I’ve purchased crystals as well as jewelry from Bri now a few times and I couldn’t be happier. The craftsmanship of her jewelry is stunning and she has some of the best quality crystals out there! I also want to mention how exceptional her customer service is, Bri is such a wonderful, kind and caring person and I’m so grateful to know I’m also supporting a genuinely good human being! Is it just me, or are there fewer decent people nowadays? Anyway, thank you Bri for your wonderful products and great vibes!

-Merissa N.


This is my third order from Rocks for the Spirit. What a gorgeous Agate Enhydro this little beauty is!! As always, my package arrived very fast. Bri takes such great care to lovingly wrap our treasures, including a special gift with each package. It is such a joy to open a box coming from this shoppe. Thanks for everything, Bri! I'll be back! 🙏💜🙌

-Jodee M.


Rocks for the Spirit has such a beautiful and diverse collection, suitable for every crystal enthusiast. My order came in record time and I was very happy with the quality of my crystals, except for a little bit of damage caused during the trip. However, Bri was so wonderfully helpful and replaced my damaged crystal without complaint. Will definitely be shopping with her again.

-Sophie P.


Rocks for the Spirit has such a beautiful and diverse collection, suitable for every crystal enthusiast. My order came in record time and I was very happy with the quality of my crystals, except for a little bit of damage caused during the trip. However, Bri was so wonderfully helpful and replaced my damaged crystal without complaint. Will definitely be shopping with her again.

-Sophie P.


This shop is probably one of the best crystal shops out there. The owner always finds unique and high quality pieces which are priced at fair prices. I am absolutely amazed with my recent order of a large self-standing ammonite piece that reflects the full colours of the rainbow. Usually you can only find colourful ammonite in small pieces at super expensive prices so I was very lucky and grateful that this shop made my dream specimen a reality and within my budget. The owner went above and beyond when it came to shipping, making sure it was packaged safely for its long journey and also including extra free gifts which made my day when the package arrived. A big 10/10 for this shop....I can’t wait to see the next shop update.

-John K.


My experience with your company has gone above and beyond my expectations. It was a quick delivery considering the holidays are nearing, and the extra small gemstone along with my order was an unexpected treat! I also like how you included small cards describing the gems and they’re properties! Will definitely be buying more of your products soon.

-Charleston F.


I highly recommend adopting your crystals from Rocks From The Spirit! I truly felt like I was cared for by the kindest people with this special Crystal purchase. I received wonderfully caring and supportive service, straight from the heart. It is rare these days and makes such a difference when you are treated with kindness and compassion while purchasing online, and that is exactly how I was treated from the beginning to the end of this purchase. The crystals were also quite beautiful, with such lovely energy exuding from them. I will absolutely return here in the future, thank you so much for your excellent communication and for being so good to me! Blessings to you always.



I ordered a Labradorite and Amazonite necklace and its STUNNING. I've been dooped before and ordered something only to get something very small in the mail, this is NOT the case - are stones are gorgeous and a good size. It came with a delicate but sturdy chain that matched the metal on the piece perfectly. My order was shipped the day that I placed the order and it arrived 4 days later. It was packaged so gorgeous that I'm not even going to have to re-wrap it as a gift. It's a christmas gift for my sister and I really want to keep this beauty for myself. I will absolutely be ordering something for myself in the future!




I’ve been following Rocks For The Spirit on Instagram for some time now and recently made my first couple of purchases. Working with Bri has been an absolute delight! Her customer service exceeds expectation and is full of positive vibes and love ❤️. What’s even more amazing are her rocks 😉. She has some of the best quality specimens and fair prices as well. Can’t wait to make more crystal purchases with her in the future! Thanks for everything Bri! I’m truly enjoying the new additions to my crystal family 😘💙!!

-M Ng


I was lucky enough to purchase a stunning lemurian seed quartz necklace with a labradorite carved moon. The energy on this piece is amazing. Honestly, this is my unicorn. Been eyeing these beauties for a while. Customer service was unparalleled. Communication was easy. Fast shipping. I will be back for more. Love the craftsmanship. Bountiful blessing

-Valerie K.


Thank you for the beautiful crystals! I love them both...the Fluorite has stunning colors! They were delivered so quickly, the day after I placed my order! I loved the extra bonus gift with lavender and chamomile! LOVE!

-Leslie M


I have placed several successful orders with Rocks For The Spirit. Not only have I been satisfied with the quality of the crystals and jewelry, but have been impressed with their above and beyond packaging, as well as their quick delivery. I keep coming back for more!

-Larissa B.


I received my package so quickly and promptly after ordering! Such a pleasant experience and the customer service is phenomenal (shout to Bri 💙). Came exactly as described and you can tell they were packaged with much love in mind. I absolutely adore all my crystals I've gotten and will definitely be shopping again soon. 10/10 would recommend.

-Donnie M.


The crystals I ordered are so beautiful! I thought the photos of them made them look wonderful but they're so much better in person! The shipping was faster than I expected too! Rocks for the Spirit was a hidden gem and I'm so happy I came across it!

-Joselyn P.


I just purchased my first stone from the shop last week and it was a wonderful experience. I had sent Bri an email requesting a specific color scheme for the stone I was buying (rainbow fluorite) and she promptly sent me an email back, kindly saying she would accommodate my request. It shipped out the day after I ordered it and I was amazed with the stone when I received it - just beautiful and exactly what I requested. It also came with a bonus stone - ironically one I was already considering buying! - and a sweet packer of stone explanations. What wonderful customer service and energy.

-Noelle S.


I've purchased from rocks for the spirit twice and have been so satisfied with both my orders! Got a wonderful quartz with some inclusions and an opal necklace. I love the great vibes I get and the thoughtful wrapping. I live in NV and plan on making a road trip out to the store front sometime!

-Ethan W


I absolutely love this shop!! I follow them on Instagram and just fall in love with something they have almost daily!! I happened to get a really great bargain on a Cosmic Bliss rock collection...every stone is just beautiful. The packaging and shipping are wonderful. There was a special little silky drawstring bag with a bonus stone and I just realized over a week later that there is a little envelope in the bag filled with information about each stone. So sweet. I will say it again, I absolutely love this shop!!

-Krissy R


This is my second order from Rocks for the Spirit (and I'm sure it won't be my last). Bri went WAY above and beyond to assure that my experience would be a very positive one. She is such a wonderful soul and an absolute delight. My amethyst piece is gorgeous, and I could not be more thrilled with my purchase. The shipping is SO FAST!! As with my first order, this beautiful rock was thoughtfully packed with love and care. Thank you for the extra little goodies, Bri. And thank you for being you! 💗☺️💗

-Jodee M


I received my package today (freeform polished flourite piece). This stone is mesmirizingly beautiful and hold such nice positive energy. It was delivered right on time, was neatly and safely packaged AND to top it off, I received some goodies (Palo Santo, amethyst, and dried lavender and rose petal) for which I am very thankful for. I will definitely be a regular customer here now. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROCKS FOR THE SPIRIT !!

-Ana R


 I have purchased two very important crystal teachers from Rocks for the Spirit now and each experience was so lovely. I love working with Rocks for the Spirit as their Heart can be felt in every interaction and in the package itself when it arrives. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, of love, and for your sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

-Tana S


 I've purchased several pieces from Bri and this is my first review. Rocks for the spirit has some of the best crystals. I'm never disappointed in fact her stones are some of my favorites in my collection. I have a malachite that's absolutely beautiful and I can't seem to part with it I bring it to work with me. Just the sight of it makes me happy and secure. My recent purchase was an amethyst and calcite geode that is absolutely gorgeous and so original I haven't seen another one like it. My orders are always packed with care along with the crystal descriptions and I'm always so happy to receive a little extra gift in my box. So very thoughtful. I will definitely continue to purchase crystals from Rocks for the Spirit. Thank you.

-Dawnielle K C


Rocks for the Spirit is an absolute gem ;) I have been enjoying the Sunstone Morning Joy ring and have been wearing it every day since I received it back in June. Thank you for the lovely piece.

-Patra R


Bri was so quick to getting back to me when I messaged her on Instagram about a beautiful Malachite/ Chrysocolla crystal. The shipping was quick, I got my crystal within a few days of placing my order. The packaging was so elegant, I still have the rose peddles/lavender mix next to my bed. The crystal quality is amazing for the very reasonable price, I will definitely be buying again!

-Sienna M


Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping, Awesome Products and attention to detais. I'm a repeat customer.



Thank you so much for the amazingly beautiful crystals!! I am over the moon excited. I have one in my shirt right now lol. When I opened the package I just couldn't set it down but, had a bunch to do so in the shirt it went. I will definitely be ordering more. ✌🤙

-Kelly H


The stones are lovely and shipping is fast! I love the little info cards included with the stones and the extra gift with purchase. I can't wait to add more gems to my collection. :) Thanks!

-Emmalee W


 I have ordered quite a few interesting crystals from Rocks for the Spirit, I love the free-spirit energy vibe behind the store and its owner. Beautiful and interesting objects to be had, every shop update is unique and different. This shop is truly the place to buy from if you want exquisite and beautiful crystal items for your collection. If I was a millionaire I would buy ALL the items in her shop updates. Thank you Bri!

-Nerissa M


 No matter how many times I've purchased from rocksforthespirit I'm always in awe of how beautifully packaged everything is! Fast delivery and gorgeous reliable crystals✨

-Alyvia C


Today i received my first ordered from Rocks for the spirit, and i love what i got. The packaging is put together with care and the pieces are wonderful. I recieved an extra crystal with the order and great smelling herbs! I am so satisfied with my purchase :)

-Katie M


Rocks For The Spirit is my favorite shop! I am always satisfied with the quality, the fast delivery, to all the beautiful extra goodies, and all the caring details in the packing. Bri always answers all my questions that I might have and its always an amazing experience. Thank you so much Bri <3

-Sylvia L


I'd been looking at the Phantom Quartz Golden Dreamland Tower for quite a while and Ordered it June 25th!! To My Surprise it arrived June 28th and OMG what a Beautiful Tower!! I'm in Love and this was My First Crystal Purchase!! I even Named It!! Thank You for this Beauty and the Lovely Surprise Enclosed with My Purchase!! Will be Ordering Again!! Peace &Blessings!!

-Ryta R


I received my order yesterday and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Placing my order was very easy and shipping was quick--I ordered on Friday, my item shipped out the next day, and it arrived by Monday. RftS carries such beautiful pieces and the site couldn't be more detailed or easier to use. Will definitely recommend and purchase again.

-Emily E


I'm a first time buyer of this shop.Took a chance and purchased by just seeing a picture of the stones from this seller via Instagram. I was beyond amazed with my experience! Fast shipping, items packed in excellent condition and added a little bonus to my order. The stones were as gorgeous as the picture and the crystal cluster was beautiful! I will definitely repurchase again and recommend this business.



I just received my first package from rocks for the spirit! I bought a mini Star ruby wand and it is absolutely stunning! The packaging was lovely and filled with delicious herbs. I also got a free piece of green calcite, which was perfect since it is a crystal that I did not have yet and the properties felt perfect. I will definitely be a returning customer ❤

-Kira S



Today I received my first purchase from Rocks for the Spirit - and I couldn't be more satisfied. I am in Australia, and it arrived so quickly! The way in which Bri packages your crystals and/or jewellery is wonderful and a lot of care is put into making sure your stones arrive in one, beautiful piece. I am absolutely in love with my new stone babies, I know they are all carefully chosen for a reason. I can't wait to purchase more. Thank you again Bri! x



Seriously my favorite shop to buy from! The packaging is always so beautiful, you can tell she cares about every detail. I've bought quiet a bit of my collection from her and completely satisfied with every peice. Every thing is exactly as pictured and the prices are so reasonable compared to most places. I highly recommend rocks for the spirit Bri is always so helpful with any questions you have and is so nice about everything.




I can't believe what an amazing experience this was! Bri went above and beyond with answering all my questions. I was so excited that I found such a gorgeous elestial citrine that I purchased it three minutes after her shop was updated! I shipped the very next day and arrived with some extra gifts that I am so thankful for. Not to mention, this citrine is the nicest piece I've ever seen and I've been a collector my whole life! The energy of the stone is pure bliss and I can tell it was handled with love and care. I can't wait to support this shop and buy from her in the future! <3



I am in love with the quality, creativity, and care put forth in the making of my kyanite ring.
Also, thank you for the thoughtful piece of honey calcite! Just what I needed ;)



I ordered two ocean jasper spheres and I received two beautiful specimens. I enjoyed the extra stone and scented bag. Thanks!



This was my first purchase from this shop and I am over the moon with the entire experience! The malachite piece is even more beautiful in person and arrived packaged with care and some extras. I will definitely be returning! Thank you!!



Great quality and amazing customer service! All my friends are so in love with your cute shiny crystal jewelries!!! I'll definitely purchase again. Thank you Bri! <333



I have made two purchased from RFTS so far although I am always browsing the merchandise!! I am SO pleased with the crystals I selected and they are even more beautiful in person than I would've thought! I have an Amethyst Stalactite necklace and it is crafted wonderfully. I feel such great energy with everything I've gotten. Also, I would like to add that in both orders I received free gifts that also happened to be my two very favorite stones. :) The first time it was Selenite and the second Malachite, so very cool. I love it. Thanks so much!


My beautiful Celestite heart arrived safe and sound. It was very carefully and lovingly packed, and was shipped promptly. 👏 Bri couldn't have been nicer during our correspondence. She answered any questions or concerns I had and was just SO wonderful throughout. You can tell that she puts her very soul and spirit into whatever she does (hence the name "Rocks for the Spirit"). Thank you, dear Bri, for my heart. 💙 It is EXQUISITE, and so are you. ☺️



I got my first order from RFTS and i'm blown away. The package was perfect and the crystal i ordered was very well protected! In the box it came with an extra stone, a rose quartz, and cards explaining the purpose of both stones!
I would recommend this shop to anyone, and I will definitely be returning!❤️



I recently purchased a couple of tumbled stones and a beautiful "Still Dream" Tourmalinated Quartz Tower. The tower is just amazing and matches the pictures exactly. I appreciate the bonus tumbled stone and added potpourri which was a delightful experience. Will definitely buy from again!



I had ordered a beautifully fish-carved opal that made the fish look like it had an aquarium inside of it, I had never seen anything like it! The package came within 2 days, very carefully packaged so nothing would be broken. Bri even threw in a sweet little gift back with herbs and a raw Rose Quartz chunk. I will definitely be ordering again sometime soon! Very easy to communicate with and was absolutely no hassle at all!



I'm absolutely in love with my black energy waves obsidian chunk. When I opened the package, I felt an instant, radiant energy. I'm new to this website, this was my first order but it definitely will not be my last. I was even given a yellow jasper stone in my package with 2 cards explaining the spiritual purposes of the stones. I'm very excited to continue my spiritual journey with the help of Rocks for the Spirit!



Seriously my favorite place to buy crystals or jewelry, the cheapest and most fair prices, as well as fast delivery, and the most beautiful packaging (as well as keeping everything extremely safe!) five stars and I encourage all of my friends to buy from here, and Brit (shop owner) is so kind and considerate💞✨




I came across Rocks for the Spirit on Instagram and purchased a couple of things for the first time. The packaging is so beautiful and the shipping was really fast! Thank you Bri for the wonderful crystals and care you put into each piece! I can't wait to buy my next piece!



I am not disappointed. I had messeged through Instagram to get a pink and green ocean jasper and that's exactly what I got and more. Fell in love with its beauty right away. Nicely packaged as well other goodies. Thank you, thank you!



Very pleased with my purchase! Quick shipping and BEAUTIFUL stone! Exactly what I wanted. I ordered one of the opal in fossil matrix towers, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive the tower I was hoping for! Love this shop. I also previously purchased a pretty raw rose quartz chunk that I am very happy with. Will definitely order again!



I highly recommend this shop!!! I always love every single one of my unique purchases from here. Everything is always shipped very fast and packaged very well.



Easily one of my favorite crystal shops, with such a wonderful selection of beautiful quality gems! Shipping is always so quick to reach me across the country, not to mention the beautiful and thoughtful packaging. Please support this lovely shop, you will not be disappointed!



My first time purchase but definitely not my last! My shamanic quartz was even more beautiful in person ❤👌and Bri was super nice🙏. There was even a surprise gift! How sweet! ☺ Very happy with my new crystal, such amazing vibes 💕



I bought a few rocks, a few months back (a raw rose quartz and a tumbled moon stone) and I absolutely fell in love with them. What caught my eye the most was how AFFORDABLE they were! Honestly these days its really hard to find quality for affordable prices. Shipping was fast and packaging is adorable! :)

I will defs buy from Rocks for the Spirit again soon! <3



Within 2 days of the order being shipped, the Ocean Jasper I ordered arrived at my front door. I was/still am stoked to have it arrive in a timely manner, and was very impressed when I opened the box to see a complementary piece of Yellow Jasper that was bagged with rose hips and lavender. The stones were packaged very well, and already carried a strong, mystical vibe within it! Very grateful to have been blessed by Rocks for the Spirit with these enticing stones! Much love and respect



Bri is an absolute angel! I'm a crystal healer by practice and have collected crystals for many years. One thing I've noticed is that I personally tend to connect more with crystals from certain shops that others. I've bought a few pieces from Bri and I felt an immediate and strong connection to all of them. They arrived here in the UK safely, well-packaged, beautifully presented and full of love. Thank you Bri for doing what you do! Much love E xo



As a returning customer I have to note the genuine care put into what Bri does. I have never been disappointed by the quality of items and it's evident that she loves what she does.



Rocks for the Spirit really impressed me on the quality of their products. Such sweet care is put into every package, along with a little something extra. I was completely satisfied with my crystals, I simply want more! I will definitely be purchasing from them often!



Rocks For the Spirit never ceases to amaze me! Beautiful crystals that are shipped promptly and with the utmost love and care! Thank you so very much!



I had the best experience with Rocks for the Spirit. I was searching all over for a unique piece of labradorite and I couldn't have found the most beautiful and exceptional labradorite Laughing Buddha any where else. It truly uplifts my spirit! The shipping was swift and I'm grateful for my lovely surprises included. This was the best Xmas gift ever! Thank you Bri & Happy Holidays!



I was so impressed when I opened my package. The item I ordered was perfect and lovely but the time and care that was taken in the packaging really made all the difference in the world, it was do beautifully done. So many small extra touches made buying from Rocks for the spirit really stand out and become not only a transaction but a fulfilling experience. Will definitely shop again. Thank you!



Amazing products and everything came packaged extremely well!! Super satisfied!!!



I have ordered twice and I have been so happy with each one. Fast shipping and everything comes in great condition.



Received my celestite! It was well packed and so much more beautiful in person!!! I am loving it so much!



I couldn't have found a better place to buy my crystals! Bri worked with me, and was so kind and awesome! Fast shipping and service. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL crystals! Strong vibrations from all of them, they're all such high quality (even the pocket stones!) Cant wait to buy more from here, because I know whatever it is im getting, its quality with quality service. Much love, and blessings!



I LOVED my quartz cluster that I bought from here. It made me want to start a collection. I'll for sure buy more from here!


So far I've had one transaction with RFTS, but I will definitely be purchasing more!! I won an auction for a rainbow obsidian heart, and I'm so so in love with it. I can tell that the rocks are cared for and cleansed. It also came with a little smokey quartz point which was an added bonus- and little written description of the two stones! Shipping was so quick it came within 2 days of my payment going through. Very very pleasant experience.


Thank you so much for your level of quality and care. I love that you love what you do. You are my favorite source for crystals and I love the variety of items on your site. I am new to the "crystal life", but I have definitely found a lasting hobby, way of life, and newfound attitude of positivity.


Always the most amazing crystals with super fast shipping and gorgeous packaging! Thank you!


I just placed my first order, I received it yesterday. I'm so happy with the quality and size of my Quartz point and the vivid color and quality of my Chrysocolla piece. They're beautiful. Very nicely and well packaged and thoughtfully put together. Quick shipping. I can't wait to place my next order!


My first experience with this site was actually through their Instagram. I came across a live auction going on and I immediately found myself in a bidding war for a beautiful polychrome jasper. Once I won and ordered my stone, it was mailed to me in only 2 days!! I was so thrilled for how quickly it came and how kind Bri was to me. I love this site and highly recommend ordering from them. They even included a small Ametrine rock in my order!


My first experience ordering, and i'm delighted by the carefulness of the packaging for these beauties and the small bag with an extra gift of malachite, how thoughtful! i will most definitely be a repeat customer, i couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase, and the owner was extremely kind when i messed up with the transaction slightly, overall 11/10 experience.


Bri is incredible. She's got a very unique and beautiful selection, is extremely helpful, prompt and kind. She sent me tons of different photos and was willing to be as patient as needed till I found the right one for me, then got my order shipped out almost immediately. I will be recommending Rocks for the Spirit to anyone and everyone and will absolutely be doing business with them in the future. Namaste :)


I can't say enough about Rocks For The Spirit! I keep coming back because I've never seen such Beautiful Natural Rocks and Jewelry anywhere. You won't be disappointed by the product quality of Every Piece! I'm a Life Long Customer! Thank You Rocks For The Spirit!


Another wonderful purchase from Rocks for the Spirit. I just love how dedicated they are to what they do and how well they treat their customers. I truly appreciate how quickly my beautiful pieces were shipped, thank you!


My experience with Rocks for the Spirit has been amazing! Quick shipment and packed with love and care. Each beautiful piece I receive exceeds my expectations! Thank you Bri!


I received two super pretty simple necklaces in the post today ☺️ I love them both. The packaging was so pretty and thoughtful too ❤️ I was surprised at the fast arrival in the the post as I live in the U.K. I often spend time looking through your Instagram account, and drooling over the gorgeous and magical posts! 🙈☺️ Thanks so much!

Sophia Wagstaff,

I have ordered from this shop many times now, and NEVER am I even a teensy bit disappointed!!! The shipping is so fast, but I would wait for WEEKS for the quality she provides!! Each stone is so unique and full of energy, I am always so shocked when I hold her items in my hands. Pictures do not do the quality of this shop justice - and the pictures are INCREDIBLE! Don't get me wrong. Thank you so much for taking such great care of such a wonderful shop! Thank you!!!!


I received a beautiful tumbled moonstone, an amethyst, and some black tourmaline. I love these stones and am so happy with them! They are absolutely beautiful & have such warm, sweet energy. I thank you so much for the yellow jasper that I was delighted to discover nestled in the lavender and petals in my package, it is such a blessing. Will definitely purchase from you again!

-Indigo Rose

Usually when sites post pictures, the product looks way better in the picture than in person. This is NOT the case for Rocks for the Spirit--their crystals are even better when they arrive in person! I am a lifetime fan of this shop, they really have a better quality than any other crystal store I shop at. Thank you so much for my beauties!!!!

-Ashley S

After seeing Bri's beautiful collection of ocean jasper on Instagram, I sent her an email asking if I could choose a particular piece of jasper. She got back to me right away and said "of course!" I ended up ordering several crystals as well as the jasper and they were shipped the next day. The online collection is beautiful and extensive, and there's always plenty of photos of each stone so you know exactly what you're buying. I've made several purchases from here and I will definitely be making many more! Also follow them on Instagram, they post regularly!


I love Rocks for the Spirit and the wonderful owners alike. Their crystals and other items are magical. I bought 2 Abalone Shells recently and the pics simply doesn't make them justice, they are so breathtakingly beautiful! Its also a great pleasure and joy to talk to the owners - they always help and have listened to all my wishes even though they aren't obliged to do so. I cant wait to buy my next piece! Thank you SO much!!! <3


Every experience I have had has been lovely! The jewelry is unique, superbly crafted and simply beautiful. I constantly get compliments on the necklaces I have ordered from here. I look forward to continuing my support this amazing site!


I'm here to praise all of my incredible shopping experiences with Rocks for the Spirit! I've purchased a number of crystals so far, and also a few beautiful necklaces, and each of my finds has brought so much joy! The crystals and jewelry are even more gorgeous in person, and the presentation is always so stunning. Shipping is incredibly quick. Bri is always so helpful, too! Thank you for all that you do, and I can't wait to shop again soon!


I've ordered from her in the past, and she never fails to deliver gorgeous crystals. I recently ordered a tortoise carved out of labradorite and received it today, along with a piece of chalcopyrite free of charge. I could not be happier with my purchase, as soon as I saw this labradorite it immediately became one of my favorites in my collection.


I have ordered a few pieces from here and each time I am just blown away with how gorgeous they are! They always arrive promptly and are packaged with such care I can't wait to order from Rocks for the Spirit again!


I ordered the Labradorite necklace 3 days ago and I got it today!! I can honestly say I couldn't be any happier with the service and the product. This necklace is the most beautiful necklace I own and it I am so glad I got it from here. The packaging was gorgeous and filled with love. Thank you so much Rocks for the Spirt!!<3


So far I have ordered three times from RFTS and each time has been amazing. The fact that the order usually takes 2-4 days to ship from California to New York for such a low shipping rate still blows my mind. How about the fact that they throw in an additional small crystal free of charge. Lets not forget the packaging (dried scented leaves/flowers make me smile), or the mini description cards that come with each order. These are the things that keep me coming back for more.


I Ordered the Blue Sodalite bracelet and it wad delivered in just 3 days! I also received a yellow Jasper free of charge. Thank you 😊 packaging was perfect, from the descriptive cards to the scented leaves, perfect for gifting! Thank you again for all the effort


Thank you for the gentle packaging and highest quality crystals. It is evident that you care about your work and your customers!


The abalone shells are simply incredible! The size and variety of colors in each shell are so lovely and I catch myself staring at them from every angle. :) Also I am always thrilled with the beautiful packaging, it's obvious there's so much love put into each order!


I am VERY pleased with my purchase and with the service from Rocks for the Spirit. They went above and beyond. My item was shipped fast and I even received a free acrylic stand for my sphere and a lovely rose quartz which I was not expecting. Thank you very much, a pleasure doing business with you!


I could not be happier with my purchases from Rocks for the Spirit! Each crystal was very beautifully and carefully wrapped, and the information sheets for each crystal were very helpful! The fragrant lavender flowers included in the packaging were wonderful, too! I look forward to shopping here often, thank you! :)


I just received my two bracelets and crystal in the mail. I have quite a few bracelets in different stone varieties but absolutely love the quality of these! My crystal is also larger and more beautiful than the pics...thank you so much and I'll be ordering again, soon!


I have the most amazing experience each time I make a purchase with Rocks for the Spirit. The labradorite necklace exceeded my expectations. So beautiful and packaged with love and care! Thank You!!!


I recently ordered for the second time from Rocks for the Spirit, and both items I received (a green fluorite cluster and a large piece of black tourmaline) were absolutely stunning.. pictures did neither piece justice, and both literally took my breath away upon opening. There are many sources on the internet from which to purchase gemstones and specimens, but this is by far one of the best - due to the quality, care of packaging and all around choice in the pieces they have. If I could I would buy them all!! Only in my dreams.. :) :)

-Jenna B

I'm growing my collection of treasures from Rocks for the Spirit. Every stone I have purchased has been exquisite, and they have the best packaging. Very excited for the next shop update!

-Mrs. Arnold

No second rate crystals here, I was overwhelmed with the quality of the pieces I received from Bri. Such beautiful little treasures. Thank you so very much!


Just Received My Package From Rocks For The Spirit & I'm Way Beyond Obsessed. Thanks For The Amazing Products And Fast Shipping !


My sister introduced me to Rocks for the Spirit and I am so grateful she did. I got a beautiful pink fluorite fantasy cluster and it is absolutely amazing! It was packaged with such care and I am so excited to expand my collection in the near future! Thanks so much!


Usually when sites post pictures, the product looks way better in the picture than in person. This is NOT the case for rocks for the spirit--their crystals are even better when they arrive in person! I am a lifetime fan of this shop, they really have a better quality than any other crystal store I shop at. Thank you so much for my beauties!!!!


My experience with Rocks for the Spirit was AMAZING! The jasper pieces I ordered were delivered so quickly and exceeded my expectations! Your thoughtful packaging made my day! Incredibly grateful!


I am very grateful for this site and so lucky to have found it! Bought a bracelet a while back and it was absolutely beautiful, perfect, and unique. It makes me happy to know no one in the world will have one exactly like it! I have also bought many crystals and they are essential in my life, brining many healing properties and others.


I just received my first order from Rocks for the Spirit and I am absolutely in love! Everything is exactly as pictured, and I like that each stone comes with a description of what it is known for. I purchased the Blue Flash Labradorite Tortoise and it is magnificent in the light and a genuinely beautiful handcrafted piece :) I cannot wait to make my next purchase!


I could not be happier with my purchase from Rocks for the Spirit. I had won an auction for a mystery box and when that little package arrived, I could not believe all of the amazing things I found inside! Everything was packaged perfectly and with so much love. I will be ordering from this amazing company again and again!


I adore ocean jasper. The ocean jasper sphere I purchased has gorgeous crystal pockets: I can't help but stare. I've had a great experience with Rocks for the Spirit and will definitely be making another purchase!


I ordered a labradorite heart and beautiful fluorite wand that arrived quickly! They look exactly like they did online and even came with an adorable satchel that included some extra goodies. The fluorite is absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what I have been searching for the last few months! It's now definitely one of my favorite crystals and has such strong energy, I really love it :) Thank you Bri, I can't wait to purchase from you again!


My first purchased from Rocks for the spirit were two lovely stones. I absolutely love them and they instantly become ones of my favorite stone collections. The shipping was right on time. I cant wait to make my next purchase.


Wonderful shop and great customer service! I was always kept updated and felt generally appreciated as a customer. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone searching for that new rock for the collection 💗


Every stone I have purchased from the shop has been vibrant with great energy! They are also a good size! My current order included a beautiful garnet bracelet, better quality than others I have purchased from past shops, as well as a green calcite and Rose quartz that shine. A past order was an Instagram auction and that purchase made me come to the site for this one.


I have made several purchases now from this shop and have been so very happy with each one. All of the items I have received have been amazing quality. The last piece I purchased was an Enhydro Quartz point and it was just spectacular. I feel so blessed to own these wonderful treasures that were so lovingly picked by the shop owner. Each package is packaged with love and arrives timely and safely. I am so happy with my last purchase as well as all of my other ones. I highly recommend this shop to anyone.


I have so much gratitude for Rocks for the Spirit. I have made several purchases for various products (mixture of crystals, stones, and jewelry), all of which were all high quality. Briana cares about her customers and her passion shines through her time and effort put into each and every unique packaging. There is nothing but positive vibrations emitting from Rocks for the Spirit ~ <3


I am so happy to have found this shop! Everything is beautiful. I have made two orders already and every piece was absolutely amazing! Everything I received was exactly as pictured. The package has always come with a little gift! And packaged with care and is so lovely. I will keep checking the site for other treasures I may find and I can't wait to make my next order!! <3


Love love love my new enhydro agate and the sweet smell goods and rose quartz gift. Thank you so much I will be back : )

-Ms. Lovely

I purchased a beautiful Amethyst Point Tower from this lovely shop and it arrived today. The seller is super sweet and shipped my stone out very quickly. It was packaged very securely and obviously with lots of love. The photos of the piece were absolutely beautiful and matched the actual stone very well. I am so happy with my purchase and look forward to ordering from this shop again very soon <3


The malachite and druzy agate I bought are incredible! Very happy!! Can't wait to make my next purchase...


I ordered a beautiful labradorite necklace just over a week ago. I was so impressed at the speed of delivery considering I live in Australia, and the thought, love and care put into the packaging really showed. Receiving my special little package today made my day and I appreciate the effort put into customer service. Will definitely be purchasing from rocks for the spirit many more times! xxxx


The stone I received is absolutely beautiful, came with some little gifts and shipped remarkable quickly, seeing as I live all the way in Australia!! I would be happy to give my business to Rocks for the Spirit again and again!! Thank you so much!! <3


I purchased a large pink halite specimen. Very happy with my purchase. It is a beautiful piece.


I've ordered several crystals and a few lovely necklaces from Rocks for the Spirit and have always been overly satisfied with my order, service, and items I've received. Bri is such a sweetheart and truly cares so much about her customers. I always find myself checking her website to see what new treasures there are, as she is always updating her shop! All pieces are stunning and one of a kind, especially her gorgeous hand made wire wrapped jewelry, which have been my most recent weakness! Not to mention she's super good about shipping (it's always fast!) and her packaging is super cute and unique. Can't give enough praise to Rocks for the Spirit!


I'm so grateful to have discovered Rocks for the Spirit! It's hard to find a trustworthy crystal seller online but Bri has the utmost integrity (not to mention exquisite taste). I am still in awe of the beautiful crystals she has found that I am fortunate to now call my own--superb quality, high vibe and many are quite rare. I keep checking in to see what new treasures have been added to the shop including the beautiful wire wrapped jewelry. Everything is infused with so much love and care. And the shipping is super fast! I honestly cannot recommend Rocks for the Spirit highly enough.


I purchased a large pink halite specimen. Very happy with my purchase. It is a beautiful piece.


Super satisfied with order, processing, communication, & crystals!! 100% perfecto!!! Thank you for all you do!!


I received the Chrysanthemum Flower Fossil along with a few other beauties. I am so pleased with everything. Thank-you for answering me back so quick and for the surprise that came with the wonderful sage.


I recently purchased a gorgeous green calcite specimen from your site. I've been looking for this exact crystal for over 3 years and I'm THRILLED that she finally found me, thank you!


Rocks for the Spirit, I must say you have a beautiful collection and I am so happy to own a piece of it. Wonderful experience via email and the customer service was super fast and helpful!!! Thank you again for the lil beauties I have scattered around my home!!! Much luck to you!