At Rocks for the Spirit, every gem is individually selected and every piece of jewelry is hand crafted with love and positive intentions so that you can connect with the natural creations of earth. Gemstones and crystals are all formed under specific conditions in the layers of mother earth. These conditions contribute to the gems vibrations and energy that they hold. All the unique crystals and gemstones we use have a variety of meanings and can serve as a way to heal, balance, or purify.

Bri and Derick first established Rocks for the Spirit in 2013 as a hobby when they were attending college at UCSD. Bri graduated with a bachelor's degree in Human Development and Derick graduated with a master's degree in Structural Engineering. They began with a small Etsy shop selling handmade, wire-wrapped crystal jewelry and as time went on, they began offering crystals and started They have been very connected to the creative side of Rocks for the Spirit and are always exploring innovative ways to work with crystals. Bri and Derick have been in love since 2009 and feel extremely lucky and grateful to spend their days working side by side doing something they love.

Rocks for the Spirit does not partake in any paid advertising to ensure that it remains an authentic, tight knit community.

All metaphysical information posted on Rocks for the Spirit about our crystals is for spiritual purposes & should not be mistaken for medical advice or treatment.